2.28.010 Creation of planning commission.

A. There is created for the city a planning commission, which shall be called “Wapato planning commission,” to consist of five members who are to be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the city council.

B. Planning commission members must be voting residents of the Wapato urban growth area as determined by the urban growth area map of the city of Wapato. 

C. Upon the resignation or removal of any commission member, his or her successor is appointed for the balance of the unexpired term. (Ord. 1307 §7(A), 2015:  Ord. 1100, 2002; Ord. 910 §1, 1991; Ord. 620 §1, 1967)

2.28.020 Compensation for members--Appropriations for members--Appropriations for expenditures.

The members of such planning commission shall serve without compensation. The city council shall provide for the necessary expenditures and expenses of operation and necessary staff support for such planning commission. (Ord. 1307 §7(B), 2015:  Ord. 910 §2, 1991; Ord. 620 §2, 1967)

2.28.030 Election of officers and meetings.

The planning commission should hold meetings once a month, and generally for not less than nine months of any one calendar year when necessary. Regular meetings of the commission are held on the second Tuesday of each month at seven p.m. when necessary. At the first meeting of the planning commission following January 1st of each year, the commission shall elect a chairman and a vice-chairman to serve during that calendar year. All planning commission meetings shall be held in the city council chambers at Wapato City Hall. (Ord. 1307 §7(C), 2015:  Ord. 910 §3, 1991; Ord. 620 §3, 1967)

2.28.040 Powers and duties.

A. The planning commission shall serve in an advisory capacity to the city council and the mayor, and shall serve as a research and fact-finding agency of the city, with those powers and duties described in Chapter 35.63 RCW, as such statute now exists or is hereafter amended.

B. It shall be the duty of the city planning commission to study, develop and make recommendations for updates to a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the city, to prepare plans and recommendations looking toward the orderly growth and convenient use and enjoyment of property in the city, and to make recommendations to the city council from time to time to pass legislation to effect plans as developed by said commission.

C. It shall be particularly the duty of the planning commission to receive, review and adjudicate all site plans submitted pursuant to city zoning ordinance; receive, review and decide applications for permits or approvals established by city zoning ordinance, and to perform any other function or duty authorized or assigned to said planning commission under the provisions of said zoning ordinance, as such zoning ordinance now exists or is hereafter adopted or amended.

D. The planning commission shall have authority to adopt and implement reasonable rules and regulations conforming with the powers and duties granted said commission by this chapter, or by any other ordinance by the city. A copy of the current rules and regulations of the planning commission shall be maintained at all times at City Hall for view and inspection during business hours by members of the public. Such rules and regulations of the planning commission may be amended from time to time by the planning commission. (Ord. 1307 §7(D), 2015:  Ord. 910 §4, 1991; Ord. 620 §4, 1967)

2.28.050 Adoption of state provisions.

Chapter 35.63 RCW, of which one copy is now on file with the city clerk/treasurer’s office, is adopted and incorporated as fully as if set forth in full in this chapter, and the several sections therein constitute, and may be referred to as, the sections of this chapter. (Ord. 910 §5, 1991; Ord. 620 §5, 1967)

2.28.060 Removal of planning commission members.

A. Planning commission members may be removed if a member is not actively participating in planning commission proceedings. This can include, but is not limited to, consistently missing meetings, failing to prepare for meetings on a consistent basis, or otherwise not actively participating in the business of the planning commission.

B. Whenever a commission member is absent for three consecutive regular meetings of the planning commission, or an aggregate of five regular or special meetings of the planning commission, unless permission is granted by a majority of the other planning commission members, the person’s right to the position may be terminated.

C. The mayor may bring the issue to the city council, who has the sole authority to determine whether a member is actively participating, and the sole authority, which cannot be appealed, to remove members at a regularly scheduled city council meeting by a majority vote of the council members present. The planning commission member being removed may address council members before a decision is made. (Ord. 1307 §20(A), 2015)

2.28.070 Council role when planning commission seats are not filled.

If the planning commission is unable to fill its seats to provide for a quorum and the ability to make decisions as outlined in this chapter, all matters that would have been evaluated and researched by the planning commission will go to the city council for evaluation and decision-making. The planning commission should strive to fill all of its seats as to provide for the research and advisory role contemplated herein. (Ord. 1307 §20(B), 2015)